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  For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on how to balance job responsibilities and personal interests。 You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words。




  Along with the development of society, more and more problems are brought to our attention; one of the most serious problems is how to reach the balance between job responsibilities and personal interests。 People have different attitudes towards the problem。

  It is generally agreed that job responsibilities has been playing an increasingly important role in our life, because we need to complete them to earn money for life。 But if people put too much time on work, their mental conditions will be damaged and suffer from kinds of diseases。 The sub health of workers has attracted extensive attention of the society, which can be found in TV programs, newspapers, university classes and many aspect of our everyday life。 Thus, in addition to work responsibility, people should develop personal interests using spare time。 Then, they could enjoy the life and get rest both physically and mentally。 However, if people invest too much time on personal interests, their career developments may be affected and lost opportunities for a better life。

  From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusions that people should focus on work responsibility during work time and develop personal interests on spare time。


  (1)中国越来越重视公共图书馆,并鼓励人们充分加以利用。(2) 新近公布的统计數字表明,中国的公共图书馆数量在逐年增长。(3) 许多图书馆通过翻新和扩建,为读者劍造了更为安静、舒适的环境。 (4)大型公共图书馆不仅提供种类繁多的参考资料,而且定期举办讲座、展览等活动。(5)近年来,也出现了许多數字图书馆,从而节 省了存放图书所需的空间。(6) -些图书馆还推出了自助服务系统, 使读者借书还书更加方便,进一步满足了读者的需求。



  第五句是典型的无主句,应该改写为“许多数字图书馆在近年出现”,后面是结果状语,可以使用现在分词短语。第六句中“使读者借书还 书更加方便”的逻辑主语应该是“數字图书馆”,所以可以使用定语从 句连接,“进一步满足......’’是明显的结果状语,可以用现在分词短语。



  就是“装备系统”,用be equipped with即可。


  China attaches more and more importance to public libraries and encourage people to make full use of them. The newly publicized statistics demonstrate that the number of public libraries in China is increasing year by year. Many libraries, through renovation and expansion, have created a quieter and more comfortable environment for readers. Large public libraries not only provide a large variety of references but also hold activities like lectures and exhibitions. Many digital libraries have appeared in recent years, saving much space for keeping books. Some libraries are equipped with the self-service system, which brings more convenience to/facilitates book-borrowing and book-returning, thus satisfying the readers' demand further.



  46.what does the author say about ordinary Americans?

  答案:B -- They think math is a complex subject.

  47.What is the general complaint about America's math education according to Hacker?

  答案:A - America is not doing as well as China.

  48.What does Andrew Hacker's Numeracy 101 aim to do?

  答案:B-Enable students to make practical use of basic math.

  49.What does Maria Droujkova suggest math teachers do in class?

  答案:A - Make complex concepts easy to understand.

  50.What does Pamela Harris think should be the goal of math education?

  答案:C - To broaden Americans' perspectives on math.


  51.What does the author say about Japan?

  答案:B - It takes the lead in providing robotic care.

  52.What do we learn about the robot Terajgio ?

  答案:C - It does not have much direct contact with patients.

  53.What are telepresence robots designed to do?

  答案:D - Facilitate communication between patients and doctors or family members.

  54..What is one special feature of the robot Actroid F?

  答案:A- It interacts with patients just like a human companion.

  55.What can we infer from the last paragraph?

  答案:C- Robots will not make nurses redundant.


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